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Our company has deep deep familiar traditions since 1946. It was founded by Bronisław Glica and was conducted by him until 1983. Then the company  was taken over his son-in-law Alojzy Pabian.He currently runs it with his son Piotr. Our company, from the beginning of its existence belong to the Wood Guild.In years 2001-2008, Alojzy served as President of the Guild. Since 1990, for 20 years he was a  Chairman of the Examination Board.

He currently serves as Deputy Chairman. In our establishment  we train young carpenters. We make our furnitures  according to both the old and new technologies. We made furniture for church institutions, banks or universities .We have regular customers, who for many years have used  our services.

We would be very pleased if you were  one of our satisfied customers.  



        In these times, when most of the furniture is produced by machines in large manufacturing plants, furniture look almost the same. Our company offers you to create a unique furniture, designed specifically for you. With passion based on many years of professional experience we create furniture with a soul, unique and special. We have one iron rule. - That's what we do, first and foremost is to please the customer, and then us. Never the other way around.






     We create style furniture, traditional and designed according to modern trends in interior furnishing. We provide all kinds of furniture from both wood and furniture boars. We help to design the interior, we make measurements in customer’s house. In our company we make almost everything possible to produce from wood.


       We offer you our many years of professional experience,  furniture made from the finest materials, made in the interests of the smallest detail. Carpentry is our passion and every work makes a lot of satisfaction. We meet the requirements of the most demanding customers.

       Do you want to make your home have special and unique style? Do you want  each piece of equipment to be what you dream of ? Let us to help you.


     We will not disappoint your expectations.



Our company is corporate in the Guild of Wood Crafts since 1946.

Master's gold badge for training students issued in 2008.

Medal for merit for  Polish Chamber of Crafts and Entrepreneurship received in 2013.

Gold Cross of Merit received in 2011.

Platinium Medal for merit for  Polish Chamber of Crafts and Entrepreneurship received in 2011



Thanks from the Board of the Chamber of Craft and Entrepreneurship in Krakow for  work in the Examination Board.






Zakład Stolarski ALPA

ul.Groszkowa 7

31-342 Kraków

telefon : 664 085 025

               602 755 566

                 12 421 25 54






e-mail: kontakt@meblealpa.pl

facebook: www.facebook.com/meblealpa

NIP: 676-101-60-06


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